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living things

5 APRIL - 25 MAY


Living Things showcases Melbourne-based artist Christopher L.G. Hill and Brisbane-based artist Matt Dabrowski, whose practices centre on the staging of chance encounters with found materials, evoking a liveliness that can appear free of artistic intentionality. Curated by Wes Hill, the exhibition examines the artists’ idiosyncratic approaches to animating the everyday, and considers how ambiguity can sometimes result from imbuing things with too much rather than too little meaning.


Close to home <br/>Cec Bown

Close to home
Cec Bown

Cec Bown's imagery increasingly stems from how the camera’s lens brings a particular perspective on the world, drawing out the aesthetic qualities in landscape

Upstairs Gallery
Uranus <br/> Jitka Donnelly

Jitka Donnelly

Jitka Donnelly appropriates from popular culture and cult movies to create portraits and still lifes that often appear subtly menacing and uncanny

24:7 Window
Tino La Bamba <br/> Book launch and interview

Tino La Bamba
Book launch and interview

Friday 2 May, 5.30pm
The performance project Tino La Bamba: a Spaniard's Journey to Lismore took place on the highways of rural NSW in 2009

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Ross Manning <br/> Performance

Ross Manning

Friday 9 May, 5.30pm
ROOM 40 Event where Brisbane artist Ross Manning creates beguiling performance

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