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Big Garden: Jan Davis

31 May  - 13 July 2014

Vicki Fayle Gallery

Jan Davis’s drawings reference the geological fabric of the land and layers of time and stories that exist in this place. The drawings hint at the musical notation of sounds emanating from the landscape.

This is my first deep interrogation of my place in this landscape. I have lived and gardened here for twenty-five years but much of the artwork that I make pays tribute to the narratives of Gippsland in Victoria where I grew up. Whilst I know the local birds, the plants, the weather patterns and the seeding times for vegetables here, I do not know the deeper stories of this place, stories that can only come from time long-dwelt. The installation is designed to convey this sense of being apart from the landscape, but also to acknowledge the overwhelming presence of the natural environment in Lismore. – Jan Davis


DUO <br/>learning the ropes

learning the ropes

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24:7 Window
Jan Davis <br/> Artist's Talk

Jan Davis
Artist's Talk

Tuesday 8 July, 10.30 – 11.30am

Jan Davis speaks about her exhibition, Big Garden

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