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Resistant Obsolescence

20 December 2014 − 31 January 2015

Galleries 1 & 2

Resistant Obsolescence is a partnership between Lismore Regional Gallery, RealArtWorks and Tralala Blip – the latter 2 being creative collectives for differently abled artists. The project uses repurposed and redundant technologies to examine the compulsion to consume the new. The exhibition will involve new works developed through a series of creative developments organised by RealArtWorks created by a range of artists both with and without a disability. This exhibition will travel to Wagga Wagga Art Gallery where it will be locally re-contextualised.

This exhibition received support from the Regional Arts Fund to engage the artists involved, with and without disability, as paid professionals. In 2015 the project will be locally re-contextualised at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery.




Vitor dos Santos: I wish my house had legs

Vitor dos Santos: I wish my house had legs

Vitor Dos Santos explores painting as an analytical exercise of finding personal motifs and imagery, and exploring form, colour and the medium of paint

Upstairs Gallery
Played <br/> Resistant Obsolescence

Resistant Obsolescence

Thurs 29 January 2015, 6pm
A performance by the artists involved with the exhibition, Resistant Obsolescence, in which the artists will ‘play’ artworks on display made through the re-purposing of redundant technologies



a mini scaled market with giant rewards; it promises to be everything that is a market without the hassle. Its about bringing a suitcase (or two!) filled to the brim with your goods and treats.

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